Can you order commercial fire rated doors?



What do you stock in paint?



Do you rent out any equipment?


Do you stock sump pumps and submersible pumps?   

Do you stock drywall products?

Do you carry masonry products?

Do you stock power tools?    

Do you stock compressors?

What hours are the Country Gift Shop open?

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Do you stock metal roofing?

Can you get older window and door parts?

Can you recommend a contractor?



IF you don’t have it in stock can you get it?



Can I return extra materials from my job?


How do I measure for a door or window?



What grade of pine do you carry?   


What lengths can I buy vinyl boards in?


In what lengths can I buy vinyl boards?  


Do you stock wood pellets?


What kind of framing do you carry?


Do you sell shovels and salt?   

Do your stock wood fencing?



Can you recommend a product to use for a certain application?



Do you sharpen blades?


Can you recommend a carpenter?



Can you do an estimate for the amount of material I need?


How long does it take to get doors or windows that are non stock?


I am looking to try to match a product?


Can you figure how much cement I need for a project?


Do you need a minimum order size for a delivery?


How much is it for a delivery?

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